Direct Services

Housing Assistance
Assistance to individuals with disabilities who are homeless or who need to locate affordable, accessible housing.
Employment Services
Assistance with obtaining employment and work related issues. Social Security and other benefit counseling.
Disability Rights
Information about your rights and evaluation of local business, organization, etc. to ensure that all accessibility guidelines are followed.
Assistive Technology
Equipment provided on a loan basis and also assist consumers in obtaining their own equipment.
Technology Assistance Program
Devices for individuals who are deaf or hard of hearing or who have speech disabilities.
Community Action Advocacy Groups
Community needs of a people with disabilities are identified and strategies are developed to address  those needs.
Support Groups
Recreational activities, mutual encouragement and assistance in identifying and addressing personal to address those needs.
Computer Technology Instruction
instruction in the utilization of accessible computer software.
Home Modifications
Ramps, grab bars, etc. provided to financially eligible individuals (Note: dependent on availability of funds).*
Educational Transition Services
 Collaboration with school systems and other agencies to assist students with disabilities in transition from middle school and post graduate opportunities.
Institution Transitioning
  Assistance with transitioning from nursing homes and other institutions back into the community. Sometimes accomplished through the Money Follows the Person Project.
Workshops for individuals, organizations and business. Included but not limited to sensitivity training, employment issues, ADA, fair housing, assistive technology.