We envision a community that is accepting,  just, inclusive, and empowering for people with all types of disabilities.

The New River Valley Disability Resource Center (NRV DRC) is a non-profit organization led by people with disabilities working toward inclusivity and accessibility in the New River Valley region of Virginia. We provide advocacy, information and referral, transition services, skills training, peer support, and accessibility modifications to people with disabilities and to the community at large.

This picture is the outdoor signage for the NRV DRC located by West Main Street in Radford. On the left side of the sign is the NRV DRC logo which contains a cartoon style image of a tree with a brown trunk and a full green top of leaves. It is growing from a green grassy area. Behind it is a small stream that is represented by a white line that curves. Above the grass is a lilac mountain and above that is a blue sky. To the right of the logo reads, "NRV DISABILITY RESOURCE CENTER" with an arrow that points to the direction of the office building. Beside the arrow reads, "Located Behind Plaza". Underneath is another sign that reads, "Valley Elite ALLSTARS" with an arrow pointed in the same direction.

Centers for Independent Living (CIL) are community-based non-profit organizations that are designed and operated to advocate for the integration and inclusion of people with disabilities into all aspects of society.

The New River Valley Disability Resource Center serves individuals with disabilities in the New River Valley residing in Floyd, Montgomery, Pulaski, Giles counties and the city of Radford. This includes Christiansburg, Blacksburg, McCoy, Fairlawn, Riner, Floyd, and Newport.