Frank Hayes

Frank Hayes, Executive Director

Barbara Clark

Barbara Clark, Independent Living Coordinator

Varie Lynn

Varie Lynn, Community Advocate

Caitlin Hanvey

Caitlin Hanvey, Office Manager

Jocelyn Pruitt

Jocelyn Pruitt, Independent Living Coordinator

Morgan Neel

Morgan Neel, Independent Living Coordinator

NRV DRC Board of Directors

Like all Centers for Independent Living, the Board of Directors of the NRV DRC consists of 51% or more people who identify as disabled. The Board meets with the Executive Director for a monthly business meeting and serves to advise and guide the running of the NRV DRC.

All members of the Board are volunteers. Our Board currently meets every 3rd Thursday of the month. If you would like to participate on the Board or in some other volunteer capacity, please contact us at

Current Members of the Board of Directors (as of July 1st, 2020) :

  • Crystal Hypes, Chair
  • Kurt Hoffman, Vice Chair
  • Rick Barrow, Secretary
  • Lisa Webb, Treasurer
  • Ashley Shew Heflin, Director
  • Billie Huskey, Director
  • Joseph Pitt, Director
  • Matthew Shelor, Director
  • Nancy ‘Krin’ Collins, Director
  • Elizabeth McLain, Director